Funeral Service Attendance
The primary purpose of this is to reduce the number of individuals attending funerals in order to protect the bereaved, funeral directors, cremation and burial staff from becoming infected.


Burial and Crematorium Authorities

In the ongoing delivery of funeral services, Burial and Cremation Authorities have adopted a risk-based approach taking into account government advice, vulnerable groups and the importance of protecting the key workers outlined in recent government advice.

Local crematoriums are now limiting funeral attendees to 10 members of the immediate family who are not in any of the high-risk categories and are not self-isolating.

The immediate family being:

Spouse/Partner - Parents/carers - Brothers/Sisters - Children (and partners)


Limiting attendees has been done sensitively as possible and does consider individual circumstances. For example, if the deceased had few, if any immediate, relatives but close a friend wished to attend the service, that would be reasonable or in the case of the death of a grandparent, attendance by the grandchildren would be appropriate.


Where webcam facilities are available, most crematoriums have reduced the cost which will enable the funeral service to be viewed from home.


Hymn books have been removed from the chapels however words will appear on screen or on the order of service. Organists are not currently permitted.


Families will no longer have the choice of the curtains remaining open at the end of the service. All curtains will now be closed.


Most local Churches are no longer offering services including funerals.


With the current limitations we are advising families to consider arranging a celebration service once circumstances allow so all family and friends can attend.  


Visiting our Funeral Home

Where visiting our premises is unavoidable, an appointment must be made. Our priority is to keep all visitors and staff safe, with this in mind we are asking anyone attending an appointment to sanitise their hands as soon as they enter our premises, in addition we are regularly wiping down all surfaces with disinfectant including after each visitor has left.


The advice we are receiving is constantly changing and keeping up with the flow of updates is a challenge, however we will continue to keep abreast of the ever-changing recommendations and implement accordingly.


Please keep safe and adhere to the guidelines in place which are there to protect us all.


The loss of a loved one is challenging, and we appreciate current events are only adding to these challenges, we are only a phone call away for anyone who needs our professional advice or just a chat.


Emma & Abbie

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